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Asia Pacific Electronic Trading Conferences 

Sydney 16 October 2012
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Welcome Remarks

James Hardcastle, Co-Chair FPL Australia Working Group, and Head of Sales - Australia, Fidessa



Keynote Speech: Risk and Transparency in the Sub-Second Trading World

Nick Leeson, Industry Commentator



Industry Initiatives - Market Structure, Regulation and Technology     [ download presentation ]  
- The Latest Initiatives of FPL

- Market structure Consultation

- Engagement with Regulators

- Education & Marketing Initiatives

Edward Mangles, Regional Director, Asia Pacific, FIX Protocol Ltd, and Director, FIXGlobal


Coffee Break



Panel Discussion:  Year in Review - Has It Been Worth It?
This panel will review the impacts of the changing Australian landscape and what it means for the different market participants.


- David Broadfield, Advanced Execution Services, Credit Suisse
- Ben Jefferys, Head of Trading Solutions, Iress Market Technology

- Trent Hayes, Equity and Derivatives Execution Specialist

- David Raper, General Manager of Trade Execution and Information Services, Australian Securities Exchange

- Ben Read, Global Execution Services, Bank of America Merrill Lynch


Alex Frino, CEO, Capital Markets Co-operative Research Centre (CMCRC), Professor of Finance at the University of Sydney



'Equification' of OTC Derivatives: Reality or Myth?
- How are execution methods evolving in the context of IRS & CDS trading and what is influencing this evolution?

- How does this impact liquidity and investment decisions?

- What trends have we already observed in other asset classes such as Equities & FX and are there any lessons we can learn?

- How might trading patterns, market participants and ultimately market structure change?
Susannah Wood, Director - Autobahn Sales FX, Rates & Credit, Deutsche Bank AG Australia & New Zealand



Networking Lunch



The Impacts of Market Microstructure Changes
-       The trading behavior under the changing trading landscape

-       The microstructure changes and its impact

Murrough O'Brien, Head of Australia & NZ Electronic Execution, Citi


Panel Discussion: Technology as the Enabler
- Latency: Hardware, Network and Co-Location

- Market Data and Monitoring

- How Technology has Responded to Regulatory Changes

- Cloud Technology in Trading Infrastructure


- Scott Caudell, Vice President, Information Technology Infrastructure, Interactive Data Corporation

- James Patterson, CTO, BT Global Banking & Financial Markets

- Raymond Russell, CTO & Co-Founder, Corvil

- David Snowdon, Principal, Zeptonics

- David Wilkinson, Senior Director, Business Development, Equinix Asia-Pacific


Yemi Oluwi, Head of Client Services - Australia, Ullink



Technology and Innovation for Exchange
- The changing role of technology and the technological Challenges

- How could faster trading engine and market data feed generates more opportunities

- What changes have we seen in the exchanges globally in the recent past

- Future plan of ASX

Tim Thurman, Chief Information Officer, Australian Securities Exchange



Panel Discussion:  Trading Smarter:  The Next Generation TCA
- What is "Best Execution" and How do You Know When You Have It

- Adoption of TCA in Australia and in the Region

- New Sell Side BestEx Regulatory Responsibilities

- TCA Tools and How to Use TCA Measures to Generate Actionable Recommendations

- What are Evolving Measurement Approaches in Other Asset Classes, Like FX, FI


- Dion Cooney, Head of Australian & US Sales, ITG Australia  

- Mark De Courcey, General Manager, Investment Administration, Perpetual

- David Firmin, Executive Director, Head of GTR, Asia, Instinet

- Kelvin Ng, Asia Pacific BTCA Product Specialist, Bloomberg  

Moderator:  Jon Fatica, Head of Analytics, TradingScreen, Inc.


Coffee Break


Panel Discussion:  The Year Ahead - What's Next?     [ download presentation ]  
2011 marked an important year in the history of the Australian securities market, this panel will look at the outlook of the Australian market, the expected changes both domestically and globally in the near future and how they would impact the different market participants.


- Paul Hilgers, Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific, Optiver

- Jason Keady, Director, Markets & Operations, Chi-X Australia

- Jason Lapping, Head of Asia Pacific Trading, Dimensional (Australia)
- Michael G. Rude, Executive Director, Head of Electronic Trading - Asia Pacific ex-Japan, Goldman Sachs

- Greg Yanco,  Senior Executive Leader, Market & Participant Supervision, Australian Securities and Investments Commission


Ben Radclyffe, Head of Electronic Trading, Australia, Deutsche Bank



Voice of the Industry: Buy-side Dinner Update     [ download presentation ]  
Prior to the conference, the FPL Asia Pacific Buyside Working Group brings together a group of buy-side dealers to discuss the top priorities of buy-side trading.   The session will summarize the key issues discussed.

Jason Lapping, Head of Asia Pacific Trading, Dimensional (Australia)



Voice of the Industry: Sell-side Dinner Update     [ download presentation ]  
Prior to the conference, the FPL Australia Working Group brings together the key representatives from both domestics and international brokerage firms to discuss the industry's top priorities and challenges.  The session will summarize the key issues discussed.

Gilda Bresic, Electronic Sales Trading, RBS Equities (Australia)



Recap and Closing Remarks

Yemi Oluwi, Co-Chair FPL Australia Working Group, and Head of Client Services - Australia, Ullink


Networking Cocktail




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