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Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai
Friday 7 March, 2008

Following the positive feedback from the FPL Mumbai Cocktail Party and India FPL Meeting hosted in September and November 2007 respectively, FPL will host the first FIX Conference in Mumbai in March 2008.
The event leverages the tremendous success of the Asian FIX conferences where buy and sell side participants and vendor specialists explored the dynamic world of electronic trading and connectivity.
The half day conference will look into the business requirements for electronic trading in India via FIX, the current extent of FIX usage in India and the cost/benefit analysis.
This event will be free to all delegates and it is strictly by invitation only. The event consists of a series of presentations and a panel discussion. The day will be brought to a close with a cocktail evening, giving you the opportunity to talk to everyone involved in the day.
The FIX Committee very much looks forward to seeing you all there, at what we think we will be a very successful day.
To register for the India FIX Conference Mumbai, please click here. No admission fee required for industry participants but pre-registration and approval required. (Restrictions and Limitations Apply).
Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities:
Limited sponsorship, exhibitor and advertising opportunities are available at this event. Sponsorship opens to FPL Members and Non-members. All sponsorship opportunities are on a first-come first-served basis and subject to availability. To obtain the sponsorship pack, please contact Sammy Ho of EuroEvents at sammy.ho@euro-events.com (Tel: +852 2810 6269)
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FIX Protocol Ltd is a non-profit organization that owns the intellectual property rights of the Financial Information eXchange protocol (FIX), which is provided free in the public domain. FIX is a globally recognized messaging standard enabling the electronic communication of pre-trade and trade messages between financial institutions, primarily investment managers, broker/dealers, ECNs and stock exchanges. For more information, see www.fixprotocol.org.
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