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Asia Pacific Electronic Trading Conferences 

Mumbai 05 March 2013
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The India FIX Conference 2013 resembles the trading world it represents where both domestic and international delegates, many regional head of desk from both buy and sell side, converged in Mumbai to discuss the latest issues of electronic trading in India.

FPL has gone a long way from hosting the first meeting in India a few years back and it is now the leading trading conferences in India. The conference not only will cover the most pressing issues facing the institutional trading community in India but also acted as a catalyst for industry action and dialogue to help solving industry challenges.

Adhering to the spirit of "Created by the industry, for the industry", 100% of the structure and content of FIX Trading Community events are shaped and delivered by senior representatives of buy-side, sell- side or technology firms active in the region. The event will address both business and technical issues of electronic trading in India through a series of presentations and lively panel discussions and is designed for both traders and technologists.

   Distinguished Keynote Speakers
Meyer "Sandy" Frucher
Vice Chairman
S. Ramann
Executive Director
Securities and Exchange Board of India


Topics to be included:

• Latest regulatory updates
• Risk management - The Challenges and Reality
• The evolving exchange landscape
• The hottest buy side and sell side trading Issues
• FIX updates and the latest technology solutions
• AIF Updates
• The latest trend of Algo trading
• High frequency trading in India

and more.....

Admission for this event is complimentary but by invitation only (registration and approval is required).

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