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Asia Pacific Electronic Trading Conferences 

Hong Kong 23 May 2012
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Welcome Remarks

Co-chairs, Asia Pacific Regional Committee, FIX Protocol Ltd

Zoltan Feledy, Director, Daiwa Capital Markets

Emma Quinn, Senior Vice President, Head of Asia Pacific Trading, AllianceBernstein


Keynote Speech - The Growing Pile of BS in Asia

The IMF has predicted a mixed outlook for the Asian region in 2013 due to various external factors. Against this backdrop David  Eldon will discuss several key 'internal' factors that could also affect Asia going forward, including concerns about China, increasing bank regulation and political uncertainty in the region.

David Eldon, Senior Advisor, PwC Hong Kong and former Chairman, HSBC


Algorithmic Trends: the Who, What and How of the 2013 Asian Electronic Landscape

·         Find out who’s doing what, and what the buy-side really think of sell-side algos, with exclusive early access to the results of The Trade Asia’s 2013 Algorithm Survey

·         Followed by a presentation on the latest trends in algorithm usage across different Asian markets, evolution of liquidity seeking algos and a prediction on the algos of the future

David Firmin, Executive Director, Head of GTR, Asia, Instinet

Chris Hall, Editor, The Trade


Panel Discussion: How Does This All Get Paid For?

·         How are cost pressures forcing changes on the business model of sell-side and buy-side firms

·         Views on the merging of sales trading & electronic trading

·         How to cut costs yet maintain service levels

·         The changing dynamics of the Buy-side-Broker-Vendor relationship

Introductory Speech and Moderator: Frédéric Ponzo, Managing Partner, GreySpark Partners


·         Rob Laible, Division Director and Head of Program Trading & Electronic Execution for Asia, Macquarie Securities

·         Jesse Lentchner, CEO Asia Pacific, BTIG Hong Kong

·         Emma Quinn, Senior Vice President, Head of Asia Pacific Trading, AllianceBernstein

·         James Rae, Head of AES Sales Asia, Credit Suisse


Coffee Break


The Buy-side Drivers for Changes and the Industry Responses

·         Execution Venue Reporting

·         Standardization of test symbology

·         Risk Management Guidelines

·         Post trade processing

·         Scott Atwell, Manager, FIX Trading and Connectivity, American Century Investments

·         Edward Mangles, Regional Director, Asia Pacific, FIX Protocol Ltd, and Director, GlobalTrading



Panel Discussion:  Exchanges Change, Should They, What's Next?

·         Business of an exchange – technology provider, data vendor, listing venue?

·         Asset classes focus

·         Exchange technology


·         Ulf Carlsson, General Manager, NASDAQ OMX North Asia & Japan, NASDAQ OMX

·         Brendan Doran, Global Head of Sales, Chi-X Global

·         Julien Le Noble, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, CME Group

·         Chris Smith, Head of Hosted Commercial Markets, NYSE Euronext

Moderator:  Robert Rooks, Director, Consulting Practice, PwC Hong Kong


Compensation and Talent Trends in Asia

·         Unique insight from an independent analyst into hiring, incentivisation and compensation trends across the Asian trading industry in light of changing business strategy and priorities.

Tzeitel Fernandes, Director, McLagan


Networking Luncheon


Keynote Speech - World Next - Your Roadmap to the Global Future

A high energy, multi-media analysis of how our world is being transformed by technology and media, and what this means for Asia’s businesses and us as individuals.

Mike Walsh, Founder and CEO, Tomorrow and bestselling author of Futuretainment


Predicting the Impact of Regulation on Asian Trading – What You Really Need to Know

·         John Fildes, CEO, Chi-X Australia

·         Bronwyn Hill, Senior Manager, Market & Participant Supervision, ASIC (Video Interview and live Q&A)

·         Tom Jenkins, Principal, Financial Services, KPMG China

·         Lee Porter, Head of Asia Pacific, Liquidnet


Panel Discussion: The Future of Liquidity – Are Changes in Dark Pools Just the Tip of the Iceberg?

·         With the expanding range of execution venues, how should/ are the Asian markets developing in the best interests of investors?

·         How will imminent regulatory changes affect dark and lit liquidity?

·         In the future, how will liquidity be found?

Introductory Speech and Moderator: Steve Grob, Director of Group Strategy, Fidessa


·         Ofir Gefen, MD, Head of Electronic Brokerage & Analytics, ITG Asia Pacific

·         David Rabinowitz, Executive Director, Head of Direct Execution Services Asia, UBS

·         Nick Rolands, Managing Director - Head of Equities, Asia Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association

·         Shamu Thambi, Executive Director, Institutional Equity Division, Morgan Stanley


Coffee Break


Actionable and Comparable TCA – The Buy-side Perspective
- How the buy-side can and should use both TCA and post-trade reports in a real business context, and a look into the future of TCA, globally led by FPL

- TCA for FX

Michael Caffi, VP and Manager of Global TCA Services, State Street Global Advisors (Video Interview)

Richard Coulstock, Director, Head of Dealing, Eastspring Investments (Singapore) Limited (Video Interview)

Endre Markos, Director, Asia Pacific Head of Execution to Custody, Citi Securities & Fund Services

Interviewed By: Peter Waters, Editor, GlobalTrading


Panel Discussion: Relationships, Value and Unbundling - a New World Order, But does it Work for Asia?

·         How buy-side firms measure and manage their trading and research, and what sell-side firms are being paid for

·         Who benefits and who loses out in an unbundled world?

·         Do business practices and relationships in Asia need to change, and if so what are the practical issues of doing so and the benefits and challenges of CSAs?


·         Dean Chisholm, Regional Head of Operations, Asia Pacific, Invesco

·         Andrew Maynard, Global Head of Trading and Execution, CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets

·         Jessica Morrison, Head of Asia Pacific Commission Management and Market Structure, Deutsche Bank

·         Edward Stockreisser, Chairman, AsiaIRP

Moderator:  Damien Ryan, Founder and Director, Ryan Financial Communications


The Buy-side Represents

·         What’s keeping the buy-side awake at night?

·         Comment on key issues discussed during the day, including the buy-side take on dark pools, trading costs, regulatory changes and managing broker relationships

·         What buy-side initiatives are in progress to address and manage these changes?

·         George Molina, SVP, Director of Trading (Asia), Franklin Templeton Investments

·         Matthew Saul, Head Trader (Asia), Fidelity Worldwide Investment


Video Recap & Event Summary

Joel Hurewitz, Head of Asia-Pacific Product Strategy, Instinet



Closing Remarks

Co-chairs, Asia Pacific Education and Marketing Committee, FIX Protocol Ltd

Michael Drake, Executive Director, Equities, Electronic Trading, Goldman Sachs

Clare Rowsell, Director, ITG Asia Pacific

6:00 - 8:00

Networking Cocktail - Sponsored By Chi-X Global

(The Lounge, Lobby Level, JW Marriott)


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