FPL Asia Pacific Education & Marketing Sub-committee is organizing the first Australia FIX Conference this March in Sydney. The event will bring together over 200 of the local and region's leading buy-side dealers, hedge fund managers, brokers, traders, exchange representatives, regulators and solution providers.



SydneyThe full day event addressed business and technical issues of electronic trading in Australia with a series of presentations and panel discussions. The current extent of electronic trading and FIX usage in Australia will be highlighted by the speakers from the domestic brokerage firms, buy-side and the exchanges.

The dynamic group of leading speakers and panelists, from some of the most successful and innovative firms in the global electronic trading arena, will highlight the latest trading landscape from different perspectives.

This 1-Day Conference will also feature solution exhibitions, breakout discussion sessions and networking luncheon.  The day will be brought to a close with a cocktail reception, giving you the opportunity to talk to everyone involved in the day, making new contacts and meeting old friends.

This event is FREE to all delegates and it is strictly by invitation only. To request for an RSVP, please send an email (providing details of your job position and company) to sammy.ho@fix-events.com or register online.  We will process your registration and inform you of the result accordingly.  Priority is given to registrants from FPL membership firms and buy-side institutions (Restrictions and Limitations Apply).

The FPL Asia Pacific Education & Marketing Sub-committee very much looks forward to seeing you all there, at what we think we will be a very successful day.


  • Andrew Fraser, Head of Trading, Challenger  
  • Mark Decourcey, Perpetual
  • Zoltan Feledy, Senior Business Analyst, State Street Global Advisors  
  • Richard Nelson, Senior Vice President & Head of Dealing, Alliance Bernstein  
  • Matthew Saul, Fidelity
  • Will Psomadelis, Head Trader, Schroders Australia
  • Ross Howell, Equities Dealer, Vanguard Investments
  • James Levy, Former Head of Trading, AMP Capital Investors 
  • Grey Yanco, Regional Commissioner, ASIC
  • Richard Murphy, General Manager Equity Markets, Australian Securities Exchange  
  • John Fildes, Managing Director, Instinet  
  • Seth Merrin, Founder and CEO, Liquidnet
  • Mike Corcoran, Head of Sales and Trading, ITG 
  • Ben Valentine, Head of Electronic Execution, Citi Australia  
  • Ben Radclyffe, Director - Direct Execution Services, UBS  
  • Peter Fowler, COO, Chi-X Australia 
  • Ned Phillips, CEO, BlocSec  
  • John Cameron, Senior Technical Advisor, Orc Software  
  • Peter Dunai, Managing Director, IRESS  
  • Peter Sherriff, Principal Architect, Charles River Development
  • Martin Koopman, Former Co-Chair Fix Protocol Americas  
  • Kym Graham, Vice Presidet and Head of Australian Sales, Instinet
  • Chris Miller, Head of Electronic Trading, Macquarie Australia 

Topic Highlights

  • FIX Protocol and the Evolving Global Trading Landscape  
  • What Does Electronic Trading Bring to The Australian Market  
  • Electronic Trading - Buy-Side, Sell-Side and Exchanges Perspectives  
  • Trading in International Markets  
  • Performance Benchmarking, Best Execution and Cost Analysis  
  • Smart Order Routing  
  • Case Studies:  FIX Tried and Tested in Australia  
  • The Future Capabilities of FIX  


OVER 35 firms sponsored FIX Asia Pacific conferences in 2008!!!

SydneyThere are exhibition and brand sponsorship opportunities at the FIX conferences.   FIX conferences are complimentary to delegates and we rely on Sponsors’ support.  All FIX Asia Pacific conferences are non-profit making and are aimed to promote electronic trading and FIX Protocol in the region.


To obtain your sponsorship kit, please contact sammy.ho@fix-events.com.
(For the list of sponsors in 2008, please click here)

Who Should Attend?

Buy Side  

  - Trading

- Hedge Funds
  - Asset Managers - CIO, CEO, COO and Senior Management
  - Trading Technology  
Sell Side  
  - Electronic Trading and Trading Technology - Sales Trading
  - Connectivity - Program / Portfolio Trading / Algorithm Trading
  - CEO, COO and Senior Mangement  
  - Connectivity - IT
  - Compliance  
Solution Providers  
  - Business Development - Solution Consultant
  - Marketing  
  - Performance Analyst - Risk Management and Compliance


For Content Contribution / Speaking Opportunity:

Please email to: sammy.ho@fix-events.com


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FIX Protocol Ltd is a non-profit organization that owns the intellectual property rights of the Financial Information eXchange protocol (FIX), which is provided free in the public domain. FIX is a globally recognized messaging standard enabling the electronic communication of pre-trade and trade messages between financial institutions, primarily investment managers, broker/dealers, ECNs and stock exchanges.

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